Monday, January 28, 2008

It's been too long!

At least I have a decent excuse for not posting in so long! My husband and I welcomed the newest member of our family, a baby girl, on December 31, 2007. :)


After her latest inexplicable behavior, sources close to Britney Spears have intimated that the starlet is suffering from bipolar disorder, a rather compelling explanation for her bafflingly bizarre and inconsistent behavior as of late. Do I buy it?

Well, it's at times like this that I'm reminded of the vast expanse of behaviors encompassed by the bipolar spectrum. Britney is certainly engaging in the kind of behaviors I associate with uncontrolled bipolar disorder--she's spending loads of money (which admittedly, she has to spend), she's abusing drugs and alcohol, she's apparently been rather promiscuous and she seems completely unable to maintain meaningful relationships with friends and family. She seems almost delusional--running around in wigs and putting on a British accent at random moments--and megalomaniacal--as if she's expecting that the court system exists to serve her whims.

What is certain to me is that she poses a danger to her young sons because her behavior is erratic and irrational. It's unfair to expect people in the grip of a devastating illness to act rationally or in the best interests of themselves or their dependents. But it's sad to watch her and to remember that mental illness extends beyond the individual suffering from it. It's a tragedy for families, friends...for everyone who cares about the afflicted person.

I wonder if there's a point of no return when it comes to illnesses like this, if there's a point you get to when it's impossible to get back your mental health. And even if you can always regain your mental health, I'm certain there's a point beyond which the damage to your interpersonal relationships is irreparable. I hope Britney can get her life in order before she discovers the latter point. And I hope that she'll be able to forgive herself and recapture her dignity and integrity when her reason returns.