Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Pogo Stick

My moods have been all over the place today. I woke up feeling downright happy—joyful even! Personally, I have everything to be happy about. I have three fantastic kittens and an adorable puppy. I have the best fiance' in the whole world. Yup, life was shiny and happy.

And then it wasn't. I sat down to try to write a couple of pages of my thesis before Brendan came into town, but my thoughts were uninspired. It felt like I was trying to view a stunning painting with 20-400 vision.

Naturally, not being able to think can be quite distressing. So I got bummed. Really really bummed.

So I spent a day couch surfing and watching college football. Seeing my alma mater's football team kick ASU's ass was fabulous. Made me very happy.

Until I tried to muster the energy to clean more of my house. But alas, it remained messy and I became bummed again.

So I took Robbie out to the dog park and he was able to play with some of his doggie friends. I love it when animals are able to be carefree and goofy. Happyhappyhappy.

And now I'm irritated. My skin itches. My face itches. My back hurts. And I want to break things. And scream. And beat pillows. And rip phonebooks to shred.