Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Impending March Madness

You know, it might just be some quirk of being bipolar, but since I caught the flu from Brendan, I'm actually feeling emotionally better. Figure that one out! I have a fever and I'm so congested that I can't sleep--which is very unusual for me when I'm down--and yet, I'm being more productive than I was when I was physically healthy.

Anyway, lots of exciting stuff is going on. On February 25th, Brendan and I celebrated our dating anniversary--->six years! And I can tell that he's rubbed off on me because I'm soooo excited for the NCAA basketball tournament to begin. I can't wait for Selection Sunday so I can start agonizing over my bracket. To boot, we're heading down to St. Louis for a conference tournament so we can get a sneak peak at how good the bracket busters are this year. I love basketball and I have a theory that March Madness helps pull me out of my yearly February funk.

Spring Break is also right around the corner and anytime I can leave South Bend and reset my internal mojo is a good thing. There's this kick-ass Renaissance Festival that I go to every year. It was actually there that I decided that I wanted to adopt a greyhound after asking about a bazillion questions to the volunteers for the greyhound adoption tent. And of all the crazy decisions I've made, adopting my pooch is one of the best.

So anyway, here's hoping that the storm clouds will lift sooner rather than later.