Friday, September 17, 2004

When I'm Up

The kitten is Sasha. She's very sociable, although she's much happier lying down next to me—she doesn't like to be picked up so much. But she's cute when she's cranky anyway.

As you can probably tell from the new hair color, I'm feeling a bit manic. It's a fabulous manic though. When I'm shifting from depressed to manic, sometimes I never get to manic and just flow into a mixed state, which is not enjoyable. But, getting away from the depressive phase of this crap and leaping into a mania—that's the JOY of this disease.

Woohoo! I've been so productive. I cleaned my entire house yesterday (and trust me, that needed to be done). I cleaned out my car and my fridge. I went shopping, and spent, uh, a bit of money. Thank God I'm getting paid next week!

It was funny b/c I went to Target to buy my brother's birthday present and I told myself that I shouldn't get a cart b/c then I would buy too much stuff. So I took a basket instead and I was like, there, I can only buy so much. But man, let me tell you, that basket was filled to the MAX by the time I got out of there. I basically told myself that I'm actually being responsible because I bought stuff that I've been looking at and wanting for a long time. How's that for manic logic?

As far as I'm concerned, this manic thang is fantastic. I can stay up till all hours of the night and I'm SO motivated to do work and mebbe I'll even get some of my thesis written. And by some, I mean a chapter. :)

Huzzah, I say, huzzah!

A part of me, somewhere, a fading part of me, is like, 'beware the crash.' But right now, I'm high as a kite (ijustmightstoptocheckyouout), and I don't see the ending any time soon. I see my doc next week and somehow, I think he might be a little surprised about my change in appearance. Mwahahaha!

I want y'all to smile today! YEAH! SMILES!