Friday, May 12, 2006

Well duh!

As I was toodling around on the internet today, I stumbled upon a recently published study that concluded oh-so-brilliantly that depressed people are more likely to be introverted. The author was apparently shocked by the rather obvious correlation between how depressed someone is and how introverted a person is. Do we really need a study to come to that conclusion?

Not all introverts are depressed, clearly. But it seems to me that more often than not, introversion is a manifestation of depression. Who wants to go out and remember how fucking happy everyone else is? Sure, leaving the house is healthy and all that crap, but when you're stuck in a depression where getting out of bed is a challenge, it seems like a no brainer that you're not going to have the motivation or energy to get up, get dressed, look cute and act all nice to people. Duh!

What's next? A study that says depressed people are more unhappy than the average bloke?