Friday, January 07, 2005

Who moved my cheese?

I've successfully moved from Mesa to South Bend although all of my stuff (ie, my bed and clothes etc!) is stuck in a moving truck somewhere on the continent. Brendan and I are sleeping on an air mattress on the floor of our new apartment, watching CSI and blogging. I suppose there's something comfortable in our domesticity.

Starting life over again in a new place is difficult for me because I was very happy in Arizona. I'm frustrated because I don't know my way around South Bend yet. I don't know where the movie theatre is, which grocery store is the best, where I can take my dog to let him run around, which restuarant has the best sandwiches. I miss home.

I keep telling myself that I can't form any kind of judgement of South Bend until Valentine's Day. By then, I will have settled in a bit and I might know someone other than Brendan. :)

I have to say that I've been having a minor problem with anxiety. I guess that's only normal, seeing as how my bank account is slowly approaching zero and my evil bank of death refuses to cash a dual-signature check for me because they hate me.

Man, I need to get a job. I applied for 5 positions today and contacted the HR person at Notre Dame, so hopefully something will come through within the next two weeks.

I'm so stressed out. I'm surprised that I haven't fallen into some sort of serious mood swing. I have caught myself trying to disappear under the covers, pretending that I'm really on a beach in Maui and I'm only having a bad dream. I suppose dreaming of paradise when you're freezing isn't terribly unusual.

Alas. I'm surviving. I'll keep posting updates about the joys of being me.