Monday, March 21, 2005

To irritation and back again

I knew today wasn't going to be entirely stellar when I kept waking up last night with a funny pain in my neck. Of course, you're irritated, every pain becomes the end of creation and suddenly, the fact that you have a muscle ache means that everything in the world is DOOMED.

I've had a slow, undulating headache all morning and if I close my eyes, I feel my body wanting to rock back and forth like my office is really a boat. The great thing about headaches is that noises become more palpable. When someone across the hall shreds paper, they might as well be sitting on your head.

I'm also irked because, although I lost weight this week (hurray!), I'm still pudgey and even though my skirt is huge, when I sit down it doesn't cover my ass completely. So naturally, I'm having what feels like hot flashes all morning and my freakin ass keeps getting STUCK to my office chair. Dammit.

To boot, I checked out the lunch I so laboriously packed at 7:15 this morning and realize that in my sleepy morning, brain dead haze that I forgot to pack myself any kind of main course. Not that I have anything against bananas, but they just don't fill you up like a sandwich.

And last, but not least, in the midst of all of this intense irritation, my boss decided to make changes to his schedule without telling me. The problem is that I schedule all of his advisement appointments. So, naturally, we've double booked some of his time and I feel so bummed out to have to email these student to change their appointment times. They are so busy and most of them are taking the MCAT in April so they're freaking out and stressed and the last thing they need is this minor annoyance sideswiping them in the middle of their day.

Hmmm. I suppose that last paragraph speaks more to my mindset. There are definately some stupid little chores that feel entirely overwhelming to me. Like laundry. Or washing the floor. It's awful. I really wish that I could have a better attitude about these things.

Maybe I'll have to confront some of the chaos in my world this week.