Monday, June 06, 2005

High as kyte, I just might, stop to check you out

According to British researchers, who have been much more open to the potential benefits of medicinal marijuana, everyone's favorite green weed may have the potential to aid in the stabilization of those with bipolar disorder. A recent study revealed that two substances of the 60 we typically associate with pot are actually beneficial to those with serious mental illnesses. The bonus? One of those substances is THC, the darling chemical which gives that pleasant, stupid high.

This research flies in the face of most common knowledge about marijuana use and mental illness, as repeated studies have shown a link between drug use, particularly in an individual's youth, and the development of serious mental illnesses.

This research is only in its most juvenile phases, but here's hoping that by the time I'm 30, someone will be advocating that getting high is good for me! LOL!

On our own convoluted shores here in the US, researchers are just now beginning to take a look at the potential medical benefits of illicit drugs. For decades, politics and the "war" on drugs had prevented this research, despite its demonstrable potential.

The conflict between politics and science can be so frustrating. In many ways, I feel that preventing research on illicit drugs is as heinous as preventing stem cell research. Perhaps moreso, seeing as how the hazy ethics of stem cell research do not impact the study of illegal drugs.

At any rate, hopefully researchers in the US will be able to duplicate British studies on the benefits of mary jane.