Monday, April 11, 2005

The lottery

So I've decided that I want to be rich, or maybe not even rich, but I want to have more disposable income, er, uh, any disposable income to buy myself silly things like a protein skimmer for my fish tank! So, I decided that I'm going to win the lottery.

I like buying a lottery ticket. When I do, I sit back and dream about all of the amazingly wonderful things I would do with my millions of dollars. I'm sort of a dork, so I know that I'd probably invest most of it and then live off the interest for awhile. If I did spend it, I would buy a house...a really beautiful house, with a giant aquarium built into one of the walls. It would be fabulous. Truly a work of art.

I would do cool things like use the interest on the money that I'm not using to pay off people's student loans. Wouldn't that be cool? Of course, I suppose all this would depend on my jackpot. Obviously, I can't be an uber philantrophist if I win like $10,000. Of course, that would go a long way toward paying rent.

I think you buy a dream when you buy a lottery ticket. It gives you the chance to escape the daily grind, or if not escape, then at least to buy some nice clothes.

The lottery is a little rollercoaster for me. I always manage to convince myself that there's more than the most infinitesimal chance of winning. I get nervous when I watch the numbers come up and I convince myself that even one number in common with the winning number is a victory!

Then, I get disappointed. I feel cheated out of my imaginary car and house. I get cranky. The winner obviously didn't deserve the money. They'll probably just spend it on a collection of fabrige eggs or something equally horrible.

And then I return to my cynical self and decide that everyone else is stupid because if they weren't stupid, then obviously I would have won the lottery! :)

Then, I pet the cats and all returns to normal.

Sometimes when I need a boost, I buy a lotto ticket.

I could win, right?