Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Viral Depression?

The psychiatric world is obsessed with figuring out the precise mechanism by which people become depressed or bipolar or schizophrenic etc. Well, this guy notes that the Borna virus, a nasty infection that causes behavioral changes in animals, afflicts nearly 100% of the mentally ill community while only 30% of mentally stable people have had the virus.

He hasn't found a causal link, but the theory is intriguing.

In news de Becky, I'm a benign mixture of happy and slightly overwhelmed. First off, I really need to get myself a job that pays more. Secondly, my house looks like an elephant had its friends over and last, but not least, it's finally spring!!! I love spring. The weather has finally changed. It's wonderful.

Well, the downside is that I sometimes fall asleep when it's still light outside. Alas.

I've spent a lot of time ignoring my moods lately because I don't think it's very productive to wallow in a cavern of endless sorrow. I've been living a bit like a robot, just going through the motions because I have to move to survive and someday, I won't feel so bummed. That day is today, but I find myself covered in the residual slime of a rather arduous and draining depression.

Hopefully the spring sunshine will light all of those dark places in my mind and rip away the cobwebs and dust that have gathered there all winter.

And I'm going to feed some ducks.